Workflow 360



At its core, Workflow360° is a live, interactive route sheet, shop loading, dispatching and communication tool. In actuality, its potential for use in process management is powerful and limitless. Workflow360° is designed with one person in mind; the user. In a very user friendly way it provides many solutions, including:

Screen Shot of the workflow360 product

When it comes to real time process tracking, communication and time management, Workflow360° stands alone. You finally have the solution for your process and communication concerns!


Workflow Solution

Serviceview360° provides live communication with your service guest by providing real time updates of service and repair progress. Similar to pizza order tracking, Serviceview360° informs your service guest where their vehicle is in your store process. Examples of things you can automatically communicate to your service guest are "Technician working on vehicle" or "Attention required: Contact Service Advisor" or "Vehicle ready for pick-up". Serviceview360° takes direct aim at CSI by keeping your service guests informed throughout the day. We believe that this communication alone will raise CSI scores, increase sales, and reduce costs from things like loaner vehicles. Serviceview360° also provides vehicle status for your waiting service guests on a live status board. This allows your service team to focus on their tasks instead of having to field too many status update questions from the customer.

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