Workflow 360


Improve Customer Service

The company WorkflowSolutions360° is a company that is dedicated to finding solutions through processes and communicating information seamlessly between departments. Our products are built on software; our company is about people and doing whatever it takes to make their jobs less complicated, freeing them from the cumbersome and allowing them to do the critical components of their jobs. Our vision of people, process and communication run through everything we do and everything we are as a company. We have stuck our flag in the ground on these principles.

The product Workflow360° will provide a stable web-based interactive route sheet, shop loading tool, service guest portal (ServiceView360°) live service guest waiter board and sales/service communication. Service is measured in time, it what you sell, how your paid, how service is measured and how CSI is critiqued. This philosophy is the cornerstone of Workflow360° and is targeted at creating a platform where time can finally be managed. We are about ensuring you capture as much time as possible by keeping people in their work centers, keeping service guests informed and allowing for the ability to look over the horizon with shop loading. Workflow360° will also allow you to view your route sheet, your service department, and your dealer group from anywhere and anytime you have internet access. If you’re a service advisor at lunch with your iPad, a service manager away from their desk or a group fixed operations director responsible for many stores you now have the direct view into your world of responsibility. We also provide the ability for your manufacture representative to have access to a route sheet built just for them.

In consulting to hundreds of dealerships one thing stands clear; the obvious need for a live, interactive route sheet that becomes the focal point for everyone. Visibility and communication is a requirement for the management of service process and leadership of people. This is an exciting product built on the latest technology, provided by an exciting company doing business just a little different

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